"Checkmate" - Status: Complete

Guy Ali (Kewin Muhammad), betrayed by his wife (B. Breezy) and business partner (Terence V. Steele), returns from prison to find that his feisty younger sister (Camile Ervin) has fallen behind on the home mortgage and faces foreclosure. Motivated by a ten million dollar prize, he enters a local, urban chess competition where he runs into more than a few interesting characters and situations as he maneuvers the five alternating days of the tournament! Can he save the house and redeem his honor? Can he love again?



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Born in San Jose, California, Herrari Hamilton started acting at the age of six and has not stopped since. Throughout the years she has performed in over 30 productions from film to stage to dance and recently starred in the short film "Subject 10". Hamilton earned her Bachelor's degree in Theater Arts at Valdosta State University. Her areas of expertise are acting, hip-hop dancing and singing. She plays the role of Jordan, Guy's clumsy new love interest. B. Breezy is the spokesmodel and a photographer for The Studio Concept in Atlanta, Georgia. Modeling and photography have been her passion since she was a little girl. She is very active in the entertainment industry, modeling for commercial and print advertisements, as well as stepping behind the camera and photographing talent. She plays the role of Cassandra Ali, Guy's backstabbing ex-wife. Terence V. Steele is from Miami, Florida and grew up in Decatur, Georgia. He began theatre at the University of Georgia in 1997, acting in many plays, and studied film production at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where he directed several short films. Steele plays the villain, Kosee Omondi. Steele is also the Producer of the film. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Camile Ervin has had aspirations of being an actress since she was a child. She started acting at Marietta High School where she performed in several productions. An outstanding young actress, she is currently in school at Georgia State University majoring in Journalism with a minor in Theatre. Her stage credits are numerous and include such classics as A Raisin in the Sun. Ms. Ervin also volunteers regularly at the Cobb Arts Center helping young students improve their acting as well as by participating in productions. Checkmate is her first venture into film as she plays the role of Amari Ali, Guy's feisty younger sister. Kewin Muhammad is originally from Alabama and grew up in Washington, DC. His interest in theatre and film began while in high school. He later gained training in California, where he worked on various films. He relocated to Atlanta in 2000 and starred in his first feature film, The List by Prime Factor Films, Inc. He is the star (Guy Ali) and Executive Producer of Checkmate and currently serves as Executive Director of Prime Factor Films.


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Soundtrack Information:

With each of its productions, Prime Factor Films, Inc. its two most recent films, Prime Factor has skillfully produced an accompanying high-quality soundtrack featuring rising independent music artists from around the country! This collaboration takes you on a musical journey through a short time span in the life of Guy Ali in indie romantic comedy, Checkmate. The film is available on DVD through Cinemode TV and through Amazon. The title track "Checkmate", a rap by Kept See, expresses the theme and plot of the story with a flair of hip-hop. O'dinero's "Alone" explains how Guy feels very early on in the story. His wife and business partner betray him. He spends four years in prison and when he returns to the outside world is immediately faced with the fact that the family home he secured for his now-deceased parents is going into foreclosure. An interlude, Kewin Muhammad's "My Kind of Girl" adds a bit of sunshine in the midst of all Guy's rain. A major transformation is introduced in one of the most significant characters in Guy's life by UCall Gooden's calypso "Coming in Clear", is further egged on by Steve Waide's rock 'n roll cut "She By The Danny Kordz Adventure" and finally brought to its peak with "Empty", a pop song by Mimi and the Grapes. "It's Over" by Kimmily Paulette slows things down with a bit of jazz and turns over a new leaf in Guy's life. The pace picks back up with Unknown's rap "Yeah Yeah", which accompanies Guy in a very critical point in the five-day chess tournament he enters. Azriel St. Michael's "Without You" brings resolve and new possibilities in a satisfying finale.


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Timberly Wilson is an actress, model, educator, and former singer. She has been featured in film, video, and commercials. She has performed with a collegiate theater group and done both print and runway modeling.
Kewin Muhammad is the CEO of Prime Factor Films, Inc., an actor, film producer and scriptwriter. His objective is to put the "it" back into film.

"The List" - Status: Complete

Mimona Njoye'(Timberly Wilson) is a beautiful, aspiring actress and model who catches the attention of an obsessed talent agent (Kewin Muhammad) whose "list" is made up of people in the entertainment industry with bad professional habits. If his efforts to take control of their careers and guide them to success are met with resistance and they continue to display characteristics similar to those of his abusive mother, who was a failure, he takes them off his list, marking them for death. Failure is not an option!



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LaTonya O'Neal LaTonya O'Neal Kimmily Paulette Kimmily Paulette
Jean Taylor Jean Taylor Devika Howard Devika Howard
Danee'ta Shine Danee'ta Shine Terence Steele Terence V. Steele, Jr.
JLamont J Lamont CCollandra Christina Collandra
Tre' Neal Tre' Neal


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